The Burpees King: Charles Tudor

Charles Tudor, a dynamic and determined fitness enthusiast, has captured the attention of many with his incredible feats of strength and agility. Known for his appearance on Ninja Warrior UK, Charles has continually pushed the boundaries of physical endurance. His latest endeavor? Attempting to break the Guinness World Record for burpees over 100 meters. This attempt not only showcases his dedication but also serves as an inspirational journey of resilience and tenacity.

Early Inspiration and Journey

Charles’ journey into the world of extreme fitness challenges began with his participation in HYROX events, which are gruelling competitions that combine running with intense obstacle courses. He quickly excelled, particularly in the burpee broad jump segment. This newfound skill and the thrill of competition ignited a desire in Charles to push his limits even further.

“I remember my first HYROX event vividly,” Charles recalls. “The adrenaline, the challenge, and the sense of accomplishment were addictive. I realized I had a natural aptitude for these types of events, and that’s what sparked the idea of attempting a world record.”

Balancing Work and Fitness

Outside of his fitness pursuits, Charles works as an Events Organiser, for his company Tudor Domes. Balancing a demanding job with rigorous training requires exceptional time management and dedication.

“Balancing work and training is challenging,” Charles admits. “I have to be very disciplined with my schedule. My work involves providing party tents, domes and cinema experiences, which can be quite demanding. But fitness is my passion, so I make it work.”

The Guinness World Record Attempt

The process of applying for a Guinness World Record was an adventure in itself. Charles detailed the extensive application procedure, which involved providing a comprehensive explanation of his attempt, securing sponsors, and organizing the event logistics. Despite starting with no sponsors, his growing presence on social media soon attracted significant support, adding both motivation and pressure.

“Securing sponsors was one of the biggest challenges,” Charles explains. “But the support from the community and my followers was overwhelming. It gave me the push I needed to keep going.”

The preparation for the record attempt was rigorous. Charles spent months training specifically for the event, focusing on both his physical and mental conditioning. He described the intense regimen he followed, which included a mix of cardiovascular training, strength exercises, and practicing the burpee broad jumps themselves.

“My training schedule was pretty intense,” Charles says. “I was doing a mix of running, strength training, and specific drills for burpees. I knew I had to be in top shape to even have a chance at breaking the record.”

On the day of the attempt, Charles faced several unexpected challenges. The track conditions were less than ideal, and the pressure was immense.

“The day of the attempt was nerve-wracking,” Charles recalls. “The track wasn’t in the best condition, and there was a lot of pressure knowing that all eyes were on me. But I had to push through.”

Despite his best efforts, Charles completed the challenge in 1 minute and 42 seconds, falling short of the 60-second goal set by Guinness. However, this did not deter him. He is currently in discussions with Guinness to reassess the record criteria, confident that with the right adjustments, he can achieve his goal.

“Although I didn’t hit the mark, it was an incredible learning experience,” Charles reflects. “I’m in talks with Guinness about the criteria, and I’m confident that with a few tweaks, I can make it.”

Training Regimen

Charles’ training regimen is as intense as the challenges he undertakes. His weekly routine includes a mix of running, strength training, and specific exercises tailored to improve his burpee technique. Emphasizing overall fitness, Charles incorporates a variety of workouts to ensure he remains agile and strong. From 5k runs to sled pulls and strength sessions, his training is comprehensive and demanding.

“My training schedule is pretty rigorous,” says Charles. “I focus not just on burpees but on overall fitness. Running, strength training, and specific drills are all part of my weekly routine.”

Challenges and Setbacks

Training for a world record is not without its challenges. Charles faced a significant knee injury, which he managed through specific rehabilitation exercises. Additionally, the differences in track surfaces posed unexpected difficulties. By training on the actual track where he would attempt the record, he hopes to better prepare for future attempts.

“Injuries are part of the game,” Charles acknowledges. “I had a knee injury that set me back, but with proper rehab and training, I was able to bounce back. Also, the track surface can make a big difference. Training on the actual track helped me understand what to expect.”

Mental Preparation

Mental fortitude is crucial for such high-stakes challenges. Charles admits to struggling with nerves, especially during his first attempt, where organizational responsibilities added to the pressure. Learning from this, he plans to focus more on mental relaxation techniques, such as listening to music and delegating event logistics to others.

“Mental preparation is just as important as physical training,” Charles emphasizes. “I was pretty nervous during my first attempt, juggling the event logistics and the record attempt. For future attempts, I’ll focus more on staying calm and letting others handle the logistics.”

Looking Ahead

Determined to succeed, Charles plans to make another attempt at the record. With improved training techniques and a better understanding of the requirements, he is optimistic about his chances. His journey exemplifies the spirit of perseverance and continuous improvement.

“I’m not giving up,” Charles asserts. “I’ve learned a lot from my first attempt, and I’m already planning my next one. With better training and preparation, I know I can break the record.”


Charles Tudor’s story is one of resilience, determination, and an unyielding drive to push personal boundaries. His journey from Ninja Warrior UK to attempting a world record is inspirational, encouraging readers to pursue their passions and never give up, no matter the obstacles. Through his experiences, Charles teaches us that the path to success is rarely straight but always worth the effort.

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