Pump Up Your Guns with the Slick 5/20 Method

Wave goodbye to the endless arm days and say hello to these epic 10-minute arm sculptors that’ll buff up your biceps and triceps like nobody’s business. Want arms that make sleeves nervous? Ditch the hours of curling for these banger workouts that are all about that finisher life.

We’re talking the ‘5/20 method’ – a four-move frenzy starting from “Oh, this is heavy!” to “My arms are screaming!” without a breather in sight. This method isn’t just quick; it’s a ticket to gain city with a side of serious burn. Ready to feel the heat? Cap off your next upper body day with these bad boys and watch your arms explode.

For the Bicep Believers:

Get ready to crush three rounds of the circuit below. Keep the chit-chat for later and rest just enough to keep your form on point, then chill for 90-120 seconds between the fireworks.

The Bicep Buffet:

  1. Chin-Ups x 5: Leap onto that pull-up bar with your palms throwing a high-five to your face. Float above ground, arms stretched (A). Heave yourself up, get chinny with the bar (B), flex those guns at the top, and lower back into your starting hang.
  2. Dumbbell Curls x 10: With chin-ups out of the way, snag those dumbbells and stand proud (A). Curl ‘em up, twist those palms inward, aiming to bump fists with your shoulders (B). Squeeze, admire the pump, and lower them back down with style.
  3. Hammer Curl x 15: Keeping those dumbbells in hand, it’s hammer time for another 15 reps (A). Swing those weights up, palms facing each other like they’re keeping a secret (B). A bit of body English as you tire? No biggie, just keep the descent controlled.
  4. Single Dumbbell Bicep Curl x 20: Time to halve your load but double the fun. Grab one dumbbell by the ends, palms in kumbaya mode (A). Curl it up under your chin (B), feel the squeeze, and fight gravity on the way down. Bust out 20 reps and try not to cry.

Tricep Titans, Assemble:

Three rounds again, folks. Keep the downtime minimal and the pump maximal, then take a breather for 90-120 seconds to bask in the glory.

The Tricep Trilogy:

  1. Tricep Extensions x 5: Stand tall, barbell proud overhead (A). Bend those elbows, bar dipping behind your head for that stretch (B), then BAM – press it up like you’re launching it into orbit.
  2. Dips x 10: Vault onto parallel bars, arms locked and ready (A). Lower into the depth of the dip, elbows snug (B), then press up to reign supreme.
  3. Close-Grip Press-Ups x 15: Hit the deck, hands close like they’re in on a secret below your shoulders (A). Chest to floor (B), keep those elbows tight, and explode back up.
  4. Tricep Press Down x 20: Whether it’s a cable station or a sneaky resistance band setup, grab that handle or band (A), elbows glued to your sides. Push down, lock out those arms, triceps popping (B), then ease back to the start.

There you have it, arm warriors – the 5/20 method to morph your arm day into an efficient, explosive training session. Say hello to gains, goodbye to endless hours in the gym, and let your biceps and triceps do the talking.

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