It all began back in 2017 when one of the team was asked to deliver a HIIT class at a gym where they were working. Blighted by injury from an international sports career, they had to grab a step to assist them with some of the exercises. Dynamic exercises on the step combined with high energy music soon caught on and classes were selling out - HIITSTEP was born.

Regular posting on social media of the workouts and classes soon led to interest from other parts of the world. Through the power of the internet and tenacity of the team, HIITSTEP was able to travel across the globe.

Fuelled by a passion for a workout like no other, the team of instructors quickly began to grow inspiring and motivating their communities in gyms, outdoors and online.

With a huge appetite to provide the best fitness experiences on the planet, we didn't want to stop at just one program. We recently launched our HIITCARDIO and HIITCIRCUIT programs, which have quickly landed in clubs worldwide.

We have come a long way in a short time. In that time, we have built an extremely talented world class team that plan to make us a major global force in the near future. We want to inspire people to dream of and achieve things that they never thought were possible.

Join us on our amazing journey and Let's Do This!