The Vegan Christmas: Survival Guide

The Vegan Christmas: Survival Guide

Christmas, oh Christmas! A joyful, happy, companionable, and humorous moment. Or a period of unpleasant inquiries and being unable to leave a room quickly enough...? In either case, our vegan Christmas survival guide is here to assist!

If you're afraid about being tempted by turkey or having continual B12 inquiries, our vegan survival guide will help you get through the holidays in one piece.
Christmas is a time for overindulgence and spending time with our loved ones. However, as a vegan (particularly a new vegan), you may find yourself in some awkward circumstances around the Christmas season, and things may seem a little tense.

Being vegan is no longer viewed as 'strange' as it once was, but you may find yourself in some awkward circumstances around the holiday season. Here are some Christmas survival strategies.

If you're new to veganism and are surrounded by non-vegan meals like cheese platters and pigs in blankets, it might be challenging to put your cravings at bay.
Fortunately, vegan alternatives to traditional holiday dishes, such as vegan wellington and chocolate selection boxes, are more readily available than ever.

Most stores now sell vegan cheese as well as a variety of chocolates, chips, and desserts. Some companies even produce vegan Christmas collections packed of decadent treats. Don't worry, even if you're surrounded by non-vegan meals, you'll be too busy eating on your own vegan munchies to notice. And it's not the end of the world if you make a mistake or consume non-vegan things by accident.

If you work in an office, most employers host a Christmas party, and the last day of work generally entails bringing food to get into the festive mood.
These circumstances can bring attention to various dietary requirements, which means vegans may be swamped with awkward queries!
Participate in the planning of your Christmas lunch, if feasible, to avoid being entirely forgotten or being served a bad meal (fruit salad, anyone?). Our restaurant directory has a wealth of information regarding vegan-friendly meals on the high street.
Bring in cakes, cookies, and other delicacies to show everyone that being vegan doesn't mean you're losing out on anything.
People's stomachs are the finest method to win them over! 

Every vegan has been there: receiving a non-vegan present for Christmas and pretending to be delighted so as not to offend granny. To avoid this, make a list and distribute it to your family and friends so they know what to look out for.

There are lots of vegan Christmas gifts available online and in stores, so loved ones should have no trouble shopping for you. If you get a non-vegan present, consider regifting it or donating it to charity. If you are at ease, you can respectfully explain that it is not vegan so that they are aware for next year.
It takes time and patience to educate others around you, and blunders and mix-ups are unavoidable. After all, we're just human!

If you're going to a family member's house for Christmas dinner, let the host know you're vegan so they can prepare vegan choices for you. There are several vegan Christmas dinner alternatives available in stores, so you should have no trouble choosing something you enjoy.
You may also bring your own food to demonstrate to others that being vegan isn't as severe or restricted as they may believe. 


Do you typically dine out for Christmas lunch? Contact the restaurant and give them plenty of notice to see what vegan options they can supply.
Alternatively, why not prepare your own Christmas dinner? This may take some convincing, but it offers you control over what you serve and may introduce guests to new and fascinating Christmas recipes.

Being the lone vegan in your family might be alienating when you're new to plant-based living. To others, skipping the turkey and pigs in blankets at Christmas is a punishable act.
Some individuals will insist on offering you dietary advice or telling you that we need meat to thrive (thankfully in the minority). Others will be genuinely intrigued and uninformed of animal agriculture's brutal agricultural techniques or environmental effect.
The goal is to be patient, to respond to people's inquiries, and to avoid being the "preachy vegan" at all costs. People will usually follow your lead, so if you keep things lighthearted, enjoyable, and casual, it's probable that everyone else will as well.

Navigating Christmas Day as a vegan can be perplexing and even embarrassing at times, but it's your day, too. So, have fun with it!
Create your own traditions, have fun veganizing traditional Christmas meals, and consider it a means to educate your family that being vegan is as normal and natural as anything they've ever experienced.

Christmas Day, like a wedding day, a birthday, or any other day in your life that gets built up into something excessively large, is simply one single day. And when you look at it that way, it appears to be easier to traverse. You can and will make it through! And with a little forethought, you may thoroughly enjoy it.

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