The Difference between a PT & a Fitness Instructor

The Difference between a PT & a Fitness Instructor


The Difference between a PT & a Fitness Instructor

Sometimes in the world of fitness the lines can get blurred between fitness instructors and personal trainers. 

In this post, we are going to cover what the differences are and how this may affect what you are looking for on your fitness journey. 

What’s a PT and what is a fitness instructor?

Fitness instructors are usually either self-employed where they run group fitness sessions or employed by a gym or company If they remain in this profession it’s usually because they don’t have the personal training qualification or don’t want this as a career. 

Fitness instructors roles can be varied, in the gym setting, one of their main responsibilities is to ensure that gym members use the gym equipment safely and correctly. Their second main responsibility involves checking that members use the correct technique when exercising to ensure no injuries occur. Fitness instructors can also help ensure gym members get the best out of their workouts. However, they do not focus on a single gym member. They are there to assist everyone as well as teaching classes.

On the other hand, many personal trainers start off as gym instructors before they choose to become personal trainers. 

Personal trainers work with clients in personalised, one-on-one sessions. A personalised plan and exercise regime is created. These plans will be centred around the clients main goal, be it losing weight, increasing muscle mass, or simply increasing fitness levels. This depends on the client’s needs.

As well as physical exercise, personal trainers also play a part in the emotional well-being of their clients. This involves providing support and encouragement to assist the client to achieve their goals.



Qualifications may differ

A personal trainer and fitness instructor have different qualifications, the personal trainer usually been more qualified in order to deliver tailored programs

Instructors and personal trainers are at the forefront of everything fitness, they are constantly refining and adapting how they operate to ensure that clients and class attendees are able to fulfil their potential. This is the real beauty of the roles. 

Potentially different personality types

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Quite often if a personal trainer just personal trains and a fitness instructor just fitness instructs this is due to the difference in personality types. Fitness instructors tend to thrive in a group environment, they enjoy taking the centre stage and having large groups of people around them. A fitness instructor has confidence in commanding a room well and enjoys doing so. 

A personal trainer on the other hand thrives more on a one on one basis, giving their attention to just one client at a time in a more personal approach. Quite often this suits the client because they might not be comfortable in a class environment and prefer a more tailored session. Personal training is very different to fitness instructing and is all about offering that personal touch with clients. 

Although both roles play a huge part in helping people on their fitness journeys there is quite a big difference between the two. A fitness instructor is more focused on helping members and groups. A qualified personal trainer will have completed more advanced training and learning in order to really help people achieve their own tailored fitness goals.

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