Exclusive Interview with Fitness Influencer Bianca G

Exclusive Interview with Fitness Influencer Bianca G

Meet Bianca G, the fitness influencer who has taken the social media world by storm with her impressive fitness exploits, motivational posts, and inspiring journey to a healthier lifestyle. With over 200,000 Instagram followers, Bianca is a true inspiration to many and has become a leading voice in the world of fitness and wellness. Her dedication, passion, and contagious energy have earned her a loyal following, and in this exclusive interview, we delve into the mind of this rising star to uncover the secrets to her success and find out what drives her to be the best version of herself every day.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you became a fitness influencer? 

I grew up in the Philippines and moved here in US in Nov of 2014 to work as a software developer and at the same time pursue a singing career, but things didn’t happen as planned because a vocal surgeon ruined my vocal chords after my vocal polyp removal surgery.  I was devastated and depressed for a long time ‘til fitness was introduced to me by my coworker where it changed my life tremendously. It gave me a different perspective in life and got redirected to my purpose which is to serve and help people transform lives thru fitness.  Since then, I pledged to help and reach more people to help them stay motivated and keep fighting everyday in this thing called life.


How do you stay motivated and consistent with your fitness routine?


It’s an everyday battle and it’s never easy but i always remind myself to do it for myself so I can be an inspiration to others and lead by example. By taking care of myself, I can take good care of others.  I always practice gratitude everyday to cherish little things in life especially the ability to do movement and strength training as not all people are capable of doing it.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life, including your daily exercise and diet regimen?

I try to wake up as early as possible to stay productive, I usually wake up 6 or 7am to start my morning routine, which includes drinking glass of water then cacao with maca and matcha, listening to affirmations, meditation for 10-15mins, saying my prayers then cold showers.


I do workout splits 

Sunday-Legs, M-Back&Bis,Abs, Tues-Legs&Glutes, Wed-Shoulders&Tris&Abs, Thurs-Chest,Fri-Legs&Glutes,Sat-Active Recovery(Filming)


I train my clients in the afternoon so I make sure plan out my meals, I do my meal prep Sundays or Mondays when I have more time in the afternoon.


I stick with almost the same food every week and sometimes do cheat meals on weekends. I do track my macros whenever I do photo shoots or filming to make sure I’m on point with my nutrition using 1stPhorm App. I have also helped a lot of people build this same habit thru logging their nutrition thru the app. They can find the link in IG bio.


I’m on High Protein Low Carb diet because I want to stay lean so I can move faster and look younger. Salmon and Tofu are my fave sources of protein, I also drink my 1stPhorm Vegan Power Pro protein shake to hit my macros when Whole Foods aren’t available. I’m already 37 and I am planning to stay fit and do movements as long as my joints can!

Can you share with us a fitness goal you recently accomplished and how you achieved it?

Dragon Pistol Squat on a bosu ball! I never stop training and doing it consistently for 3weeks then one day I surprised myself when I got it down. Standing on a bosu ball was already a challenge even from the start, then I started doing pistol squats, til I get it right, then the dragon pistol squats.

How do you handle the pressure and criticism that can come with being a public figure in the fitness industry?

I completely ignore because my vision and goals are higher than their criticism. Unless it’s constructive then I’ll listen and have time for it.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?

I have a small circle of friends who’s been with me thru thick and thin, and there are acquaintances who I collab with when filming. I spent most of my time doing the work as much as I can because I have a purpose. I don’t like to party and I prefer to stay home and rest when I don’t have activities to recover and recharge my energy. For me, it always boils down to your WHY and how you want it, and do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

How do you keep yourself updated on the latest fitness trends and research?

I try to stay on top it thru browsing different social media platforms, observing how people like & engage to it.  Instagram, TikTok kept on changing algorithm once in a while so it’s really hard to tell. But with consistency, and showing up everyday, anything is possible. A content is a content at the end of the day.

How do you engage and interact with your followers?

I try to reply to them in comments and conversations with them though DMs. Also supporting other creators by liking, commenting on their page. 

What are some of the challenges you face as a fitness influencer?

The change in algorithm gave me a hard time with views and engagement but I always remind myself that numbers won’t devalue me and my purpose, so I will keep posting as much as I can everyday.

What are some of your upcoming projects or plans that you're excited about?

I’m planning to do more HIIT Bootcamp this year and also open up a new business related to health and fitness. And also manifesting major brands this year!

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