How to get more personal training clients

Are you struggling as a personal trainer? Have you got a small client base and are wondering why you just aren’t getting the footfall you need?
At the HIIT company we like to provide you with the best advice possible to ensure you can be as successful as we know you can be. In this post we are going to give away some insider tips to build up your client base and become a successful PT.
If you follow the below format you will start to build a successful conversion of prospective clients into paying clients.
Advertisement & marketing
You won’t get any clients if they don’t know you exist. Take your advertisement and marketing seriously by covering all areas. Some excellent ideas would be:
  • Business cards
  • Posters - In gyms, local businesses etc.
  • Before and after pictures
  • Blogs and persuasive copy
  • Adverts - Local print, newspapers.
Your presence - Interact with people in the gym, ask people what they are training towards and be a friendly face.
Free consultation and taster sessions
Once people start approaching you, you can book them in for a free consultation and taster session. In your consultation follow a format which discusses the clients goals, ideally use the SMART goal method. Talk about what they want and how you can achieve it for them. Offering a free 30 minute taster session is a great way to show your potential client what you have got to offer. Show them a taster of your knowledge and skills as a PT, nut don’t give too much because you need to show them how precious and of course, valuable your time is, therefore definitely worth paying for. Tailor the taster session to your clients needs so they know the session isn’t ‘canned’.
Pricing, diary and booking
After the session hopefully your client loved it and realised that having a personal trainer if so much more effective than plodding along on their own. After the session is usually the best time to discuss pricing with your potential new client. This is because they have already experienced your worth so they know what they are potentially investing in. You should also have a good idea of the clients situation in regards to how much they can train and how many sessions they might want to purchase due to the consultation and spending time training them building rapport. Even if the client is undecided, still book their first slot in your diary with them.
Mention referrals
Every time you get a new client, ensure you discuss referrals. This is such as easy way to build up your client base, or really, let your clients build your base for them. Let them know if they send someone your way they can enjoy a free session with yourself. This is a fantastic way to reward your clients loyalty and get new ones. If you follow the above steps you will no doubt see your client base expand! Ensure you always look professional, and are on time and you will soon see yourself becoming one of the top personal trainers in your area!