How to Earn £3K a Month As a HIIT Instructor

How to Earn £3K a Month As a HIIT Instructor

As a HIIT Instructor, not only do you help your clients get fit and find a passion for fitness, but it can also be a big money-maker. Fancy earning yourself a cool £3K a month? Well, who wouldn’t?! Looking to Start a Career as a HIIT Instructor? Are you looking to start a career as a HIIT Instructor? We can provide you with all the training and experience you need to help motivate others through fitness. Use the contact form below for more information on how we can help.


Why Become a HIIT Instructor?

HIIT has become an extremely popular method of working out. It caters to those who prefer a quicker workout instead of spending a long time in the gym or on one particular machine or exercise. The reason why it’s grown in popularity is because it provides both strength training and calorie burning in the form of intense, short sessions. You’re able to push your clients to their limits, helping them burn fat and tone up muscle. Being a HIIT instructor means you have more flexibility in where you can host the workouts. Whether your client prefers to work out from home, outside or in a gym environment, this type of work won’t be like your average office job. You’ll be up and about, experiencing many different environments according to your client’s needs.

Earn £3k a Month, or More

Aside from the development of your clients, a big appeal is the amount of income you can make from being a HIIT instructor. Some instructors can earn £3K a month or more, depending on how hard you’re willing to work for it.

Flexible Hours to Suit Your Lifestyle

As an instructor, you’ll often work around your client’s schedule, but that can also mean you can set your own working hours. Whether you want to work a few hours here and there or you want to fill your weekly schedule and have your weekends off, this type of job is perfect.

Inspire and Motivate People to Change Their Lives

For many people, working out can be hard to do and sustain for long periods. By becoming an instructor, you can help inspire and motivate people to change their lives for the better. Plus, you’ll meet people from all walks of life!

Enjoy Your Work and Keep Fit While Earning

When you’re a HIIT instructor, you end up benefiting in many ways. You will hopefully enjoy the work you’re doing, and you’ll keep fit while instructing. And not forgetting, you’re earning too!

Achieve Serious Personal Growth While Getting Paid

As a HIIT instructor, there’s a lot of personal growth that you can get when training others. Boost your skills beyond just your fitness. You’ll learn how to manage your time, become your own boss and provide the best customer experience possible.

How Much Could You Earn as a HIIT Instructor?

A career as a HIIT instructor can provide an unlimited amount of opportunities, much like any self-employed or freelance position. When it comes to The HIIT Company, our instructors get access to a unique programme that enables them to deliver classes online and in the gyms. This means more income opportunities. A top earner with The HIIT Company can earn £2-£3K a month from delivering just the programs, let alone any personal training that they offer on top. You have the potential to earn an impressive amount per month, it’s all about how hard you’re willing to work and the time you put in that counts. As a career path, becoming a HIIT instructor can provide a stable and financially solid income.

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