7 Ways to Get a Date at the Gym

7 Ways to Get a Date at the Gym


Ok, so we might be in risky territory here but it can be done. Many couples have met at the gym but there are a few rules you should abide by so you don’t end up looking like a complete fool when you are trying to pull that girl you've had your eye on. 

Let's look at the positives here, if you are into the gym then it is a great place to meet like-minded people. Gym’s are like little communities with most people going there to stay motivated and better themselves, which makes for great people to meet right?

Here’s our best tips to get a date in the gym, are you ready? 

1. Give a compliment 

Might sound old fashioned but give a genuine compliment to her, nothing creepy or weird or sexual.

2. Try not to stare

Nothing is more off putting than being stared at. Try to remove this from your tactics, as tempting as it may be to stare at the woman you fancy in the gym, just don't. It can be super creepy, you can start with just saying hello, initiate that conversation to break the ice, but staring…just no.


3. Be cautious if headphones are involved

Ok, so take headphones are on the scene, take this as a red flag. Headphones scream ‘I don't want to talk to anyone so please don't bother me’. Imagine being bugged if you were smashing out a final set listening to your favourite tunes. 


4. Don't show off

Maybe throwing your shirt off and flexing in front of the mirror isn't the best way to attract the sort of attention you'd want. You will just look like an attention seeker and your chances of getting a date with the person you want will dwindle. 


5. Please don’t ask to work in on a set

This is a huge no no and a huge turn off! Invading someone's space is never a smart move and again it can be super creepy. When someone is working out it’s their time of course so this still needs to be respected. If you want to initiate conversation try to do it when the workout is totally over or they have at least finished their exercise. 


6. Don’t show off your knowledge 

You may feel desperate to impress the gym girl of your dreams by showing off all your knowledge but less is more in these situations. If you are engaging in conversations with your crush, don’t make it all about you, ask questions and show interest. 


7. Take a group fitness class.

If meeting someone is your aim, your best bet is to do so in a group fitness class. The reason being, you have a whole room of like minded people that are open to communicating and being that bit more social. This makes you one step ahead of the game. If you’re looking to get in with the ladies, try a HIIT or yoga class. If you’re trying to get in with the guys, CrossFit and Boot Camps are a great place to start.


Getting a date from the gym is always going to come with its risks, but you've got just as good a chance as any and thinking about it, probably more chances of meeting a like minded individual! 

Be yourself and best of luck!



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