7 reasons why you should never workout with your girlfriend

7 reasons why you should never workout with your girlfriend

Getting sweaty with your sweetheart isn’t always a good idea.

Couples, this one’s for you and it’s aimed at the both of you, due to the sheer amount of suffering, arguments and awkward situations we have seen across gyms all over the globe. It’s time we did a post on this taboo subject.

Allow us to tell you all the super valid reasons why you shouldn’t workout together if you're a couple.

One of you might be a stickler for routine

If this is the case then one of you might end up alway losing out or never actually doing what you want to do - it can be a real passion and motivation killer as that resentment builds.

Arguments are on the horizon

 We are only human and we all have our own opinions, goals and ways of doing things. There is often a big conflict of interest when it comes to couples trying to execute a gym session. You might want to train legs and your partner might want to do shoulders, but you're training together so who wins? Ahhh and the resentment starts to build!

Cheesy gym-couple photos are often inevitable

Hands up if you cringe when you see those gym couples posting gym pics on insta with hashtags like #couplesgoals. Please don’t, it’s so cheesy and no one cares about your training with your other half.

The gym ends up been all you have

Of course, this doesn’t apply to every couple but in a lot of instances when couples start to hammer the gym together and actually have the same interests in the gym only, it can quickly become the only thing holding the relationship together. Are you training partners or a couple? The world of bodybuilding and fitness can very easily blue these lines. If you want a healthy relationship, think about this one.

Poor quality spotting

If there is a substantial strength difference between the pair of you one partner is going to miss out on potentially lifting heavier on those moves where a certain level of strength is required from the spotter. Get yourself a training partner that can support and push you!

Goodbye ‘you’ time

Training with your partner takes away the ‘you’ time from the gym. The valuable space and time it can give you to just do your own thing and enjoy it is gone.

It’s harder to set goals

It's harder to set goals and stick to them when training with your other half, you probably wont have the same goals… at all.

Have you tried and failed to train with your other half? What have your thoughts been on the subject?

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