10 Things you should NEVER do in a gym

10 Things you should NEVER do in a gym

10 Things you should NEVER do in a gym 
Getting your training session in can be a great way to have some time to yourself, feel good and make those essential gains, there are some things though that you should NEVER do.
Luckily you have come across this post which might just stop you from being that ‘annoying’ gym person or an embarrassment to yourself. We've got you covered, we are de-bunking certain bro codes and gym activities which quite frankly, should be banned… so here’s how to NOT draw attention to yourself in all the wrong ways…

1. Don’t be the gigantic idiot with a gigantic holdall

This is so so common, but WHY? Training isn't as complicated as these people may think it is. There’s nothing wrong with taking your gym holdall to the gym and leaving IN A LOCKER where it belongs but dragging it around the gym with you, dumping it next to every bit of kit you use it totally unnecessary and somewhat chauvinistic. Grab what you need out your bag before you start your workout and don't be that person taking the holdall all over the place. 

2. Don’t give people training advice… just don’t 

You're in dangerous territory here. No matter who you are, how much you know and how much it’s burning you inside to give someone training advice when they are working out - DONT. You are always going to look like a complete dick and it wont be appreciated. The only instance where you should ever break this golden rule is when someone is at risk of serious injury, or death. Keep your opinions to yourself and crack on making your own gains, if people want to invent their own moves and gym wizardy, crack on mate.

3. Don't make eye contact when using adductor and abductor machines 

Please, just don't. EVER. 

4. Train with your hood up

Ever wondered why some people insist on training with their hoods up? Yeah, so have we and every other normal person without an ego.
Ahh, the longing to look like a total pro when your training, the mysterious person that must be so undoubtedly cool they they need to train in a hot gym, with their hood up. Don’t let this be you. Training with your hood up, despite what people may think doesn’t enhance your muscle growth surprising, nor does it help you burn calories faster so do yourself a favour, train in a comfortable outfit there's no need to cook yourself alive - no one cares. 
5. Posing

We all want to look good – that’s why we are at the gym. However, lifting a few weights then whipping off your shirt for some mirror hogging isn't a good look. Stay humble and wait until you get home before you start flexing in your underpants.

6. Drinking energy drinks on the treadmill

think of the spillage and accident waiting to happen!

7. Don’t misuse the machines 

Stay away from instagram suggestions of different ways to use machines. Use them what they have been designed for, done use the assisted pull up to do glute push downs, stick with step ups, and don't do glute bridges on the leg extension, laughable isn't it!

8. Don't train in sliders 

Do we really have to even mention this. Unfortunately so.

9. Not cleaning your equipment 
Don’t be the sweat monster leaving behind a trail of your bodily fluids all over the last bit of kit you’e used. Wipe it down.

10. Ask if you can ‘jump in’ on a set

It’s just awkward. 

There you have it. 10 things to never do in a gym. You are welcome.

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